The Meyer Partnership: A Premier Financial Services Recruiting Partner

Welcome to The Meyer Partnership, established in 2009 as a boutique retained search and advisory firm with a focus on Global Financial Services. Below we outline the expertise, reach, diversity commitment, and unique advantages that got us this far, 14 years and counting! Whether you're a financial institution, or an organisation seeking top talent, or a seasoned banking professional, The Meyer Partnership holds the key to your success.

Our call-back rate is 98% - we have an unparalleled reputation

Our call-back rate is 98% - we have an unparalleled reputation

Over 50% of our placements are diversity hires

In excess of 50% of our long/shortlists and placements are diverse candidates

99% candidate placement - where candidates are not counter-offered and show up on day one

99% candidate placement - where candidates are not counter-offered and show up on day one

95% of candidates placed remain with the hiring bank for 5+ years

95% of candidates placed remain with the hiring institution for 5+ years

Our Areas of Expertise: Financial Services

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum within the financial services sector. When you engage with The Meyer Partnership, you gain access to specialized knowledge in three key domains:

Transaction, Corporate
& Commercial Banking

At the core of B2B Banking, we connect you to the best talent in this industry. With experience as both a practitioner and recruiter, our vast network opens doors to the strongest candidates.


In an ever-evolving investment landscape, we will guide you through the intricacies of recruiting for asset management. Whether you're an institution or an asset manager, we find the talent that aligns with your unique needs.


The payments industry is changing rapidly, and staying competitive requires special talent. We are experts in identifying the individuals who can navigate and lead this dynamic field.

Global Reach: A World of Opportunities Awaits

We are well-practiced at working across time zones, bridging cultural gaps, and connecting clients and candidates in different countries. We ensure that nothing is lost in translation, and opportunities know no bounds.


With resources strategically located in London, New York, Philadelphia and Boston, we operate on a global stage. We have a partnership with a Singapore-based firm to enable our reach into this market. Our extensive network spans continents, offering you unparalleled access to the best candidates and opportunities across the world.

Whether you're seeking the perfect candidate to drive your organisation's success or you are a professional looking to navigate your career path with expert guidance, our commitment to honesty, excellence, and diversity sets us apart in the world of executive recruitment.

Our Affiliates and Partners: Strengthening Our Network

In our quest to provide comprehensive services, we've forged strategic partnerships with organizations that complement our expertise:

Treasury Recruitment Co

Founded by Mike Richards, TTRC is a specialist treasury recruitment consultancy providing treasury specialists at all levels from Treasury Analyst through to Treasury Director for multinational corporates, consultancies and financial institutions across Europe, USA, Middle East, Far East and Australasia.

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Our partners in Singapore and AsiaPac, HornbyChapman specializes in senior-level recruitment for post-trade roles across finance, including Sales, Risk, Operations, and Strategy, serving banks, asset managers, fintech, and infrastructure companies.

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Treasa Fitzgibbon

A champion for professional women, Treasa Fitzgibbon offers coaching and career guidance. Whether you're an individual looking to accelerate your career or a corporation seeking to empower women in your workforce, Treasa provides tailored solutions.

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Lee Work Wise

Founded by Charlotte Lee, an ex-investment banker, this professional coaching firm focuses on aligning careers with goals. With an emphasis on executive coaching, clients gain insights into what motivates them and how to build successful, meaningful careers.

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Karen Gilhooly

Karen Gilhooly has twenty five years of experience, championing client success through employee happiness, coaching 1,500+ in personal branding, promoting equity, empowering women in careers, and advocating for innovation in leadership.

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Our Commitment to Diversity: A Cornerstone of Our Philosophy

Here at The Meyer Partnership (TMP), we value our opportunity to embrace diversity on every level. We partner with clients who believe in, and prioritize, the power and strength of a diverse and inclusive talent pool. On each project we work together to present a candidate slate that includes talented candidates from every walk of life. We believe that diversity is an essential part of any strong development strategy.

"We believe in the power and strength of a diverse and inclusive talent pool as part of your human capital development strategy."

With our experience and extensive relationships in the professional marketplace, TMP has built a reputation of trust and credibility amongst candidates as well as clients – diversity is a priority and an essential part of our organization’s ethos. This focus and awareness on diversity is incorporated not only throughout our retained search mandates, but also in the work we do for our clients including market studies, succession planning and selected high-potential candidate introductions. The Meyer Partnership believes that our unique blend of research and real-life experience has enabled us to develop a considerable, far-reaching and diverse network of talented leaders.

Nicole is a frequent speaker at conferences and events. You can find her contact information, as well as the details of many other accomplished speakers in the Women+ Financial Services Speakers Database.

Our Advantage: Why Choose The Meyer Partnership?

What sets The Meyer Partnership apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in executive recruitment:

  • Personalised Attention: We partner with only a few clients at a time, ensuring that practical and business conflicts are minimized. Your success is our priority.
  • Rigorous Selection Process: Our structured process identifies candidates who not only meet the technical requirements but also fit culturally and personally. We go beyond resumes to find the perfect match for your team.
  • Continuous Feedback: We provide regular updates to clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process and well after the candidate is placed. We ensure communication at all levels and throughout the entire process.
  • Advisory-Led Relationships: Our relationships are built on mutual respect and designed to provide honest feedback and advice. We have been on both sides of the table.
  • Strong Advocates: We advocate passionately for your interests, ensuring your brand is represented effectively and credibly. Your success is our success.
  • High Search Completion Rates: We boast one of the highest degrees of search completion rates in the industry, and our track record of candidates remaining in post after five years is exemplary.
  • Discretion and Transparency: We offer discretion, reliability, honest advice, and feedback to enable the best possible results. We believe trust is the foundation of a successful relationship.
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